Busy? Dislike reading on an LCD screen? Send web articles to your Kindle with Instapaper

As of this article, the cost of a Kindle has reached $114.   Not bad for a device that changed the concept of reading.   One way to take full advantage of your new reading device, is to use it to read not just books, but also articles you may find on the web.   If you have an Instapaper account, you can do just that.

Instapaper is a service that lets you save articles you find on the web for later reading.   It works great, and comes with a handy “Read Later” browser bookmark that you can click whenever you are on a page that you want to read at a later time.   The service will remove the advertisements and other non-essential website elements for each of the articles you save, so you get just the meat of what you were looking for.

The service also permits you to use a @free.kindle.com (only on the Kindle 3) or @kindle.com email address to send your saved articles to your device.   Here are the steps you’ll need to set yours up.

Step 1.   Locate the email address for your Kindle device.   You can find this by going to the ‘Manage my Kindle‘ page, and then clicking on ‘Manage your devices’.   Once here, you will see each of your Kindle devices, and a corresponding email address.

Step 2.  Equipped with the value in the “Kindle E-mail Address” field, you’ll want to enter your Kindle email address into the Instapaper Kindle Management page.   Set whatever settings work best for you, and be sure to use the @free.kindle.com email address if you have a Kindle 3, as the earlier versions do not support this, and require a nominal charge to use the @kindle.com email address.

Step 3.  Next, you will need to add the email address which appears in green letters below the Kindle setup to your ‘Manage my Kindle‘ page.   It should be something like kindle.wwkas@instapaper.com.  Once inside your Kindle management screen, click on ‘Personal Document Settings’.   Select the ‘add new approved email address’ option on this page, and enter the value from Instapaper.

You’re all set!   Based on the settings you selected, Instapaper will deliver you a nicely formatted, newspaper style document with it’s own table of contents from all the articles you saved.   This makes for easy, painless reading when you have time available.

There are many other ways to leverage Instapaper as well.   You can download iPhone/iPad apps, integrate into Google Reader, submit Instapaper articles from applications like Flipboard/Reeder, and more.


Kyle Ballard