Mind Blowing Facebook Fact

Every business day Facebook’s Pineville, Oregon data center receives 4 truck shipments, with 13 racks of new servers each truck. Each single rack holds 90 servers. Each server has 72GB of RAM and/or a dual 6-core processor. This happens all year to keep up with demand. (source: Maximum PC, Nov. 2011).

That’s 4,680 servers installed every business day.  Wow.


Using Modern Technology to Manage Family Finances

There are a lot of great tools out there online, all of which carry the magic price of free, to help you properly manage your family finances. I haven’t always been the best at managing my personal finances growing up, but with the wealth of information and tools available in today’s age, it makes this task much less daunting. There really is no better time to get a handle on your finances, which is especially useful given our current economic climate.


Synchronize Your Chrome Browser Settings To Any Location

If you’re like me, your computer usage (work, personal, other) spans several locations.   It could easily cover locations such as: a home desktop, a work desktop, a laptop, and so on.   Often times, I find a neat plug-in or bookmark and I save it to that particular machine.    It would be really nice if I was able to have a ‘universal’ browser that acted, looked, and was maintained the same way no matter where I was at and kept itself updated without any intervention from me.


How to always know your password (to anything, from anywhere).

If you’re like me, you probably have accounts on hundreds of different websites.   Everything ranging from online banking, email, social networking, and even your wifi router has it’s own password.    You may use the same password for everything (which apparently 61% of people do), although this is far from secure.   If someone were to compromise just one of your accounts, well it wouldn’t be hard for them to find the others by first checking your email, then your social networking, and so on.   Alternatively, you can use a series of very simple passwords, like dictionary words, although this is not very secure either as this is the first set of attempts a hacker will make.