How to Deliver an Amazing Software Demo

Having worked in software development for nearly 20 years, I’ve had a number of opportunities to speak in public (local user groups, conferences, webinars, sales engagements). The last 3 years I have worked exclusively as a solutions engineer, meaning that part of my responsibilities at work, is to actively speak to others about technology.

I decided to put together some notes I had about things I’ve learned over the years, that I feel may be useful to others looking to pursue a similar career path, or just to become more comfortable and relaxed in a public speaking environment. I tried to organize this list in a an easily digestible format, so anyone who wanted to, could reference it quickly/easily.


Future of Technology

The number of technologies in development, that are real and not science fiction, is astounding. These are technological advances are that are just over the horizon and are simply a matter of time to come to market at a reasonable cost for all of us.


The New Microsoft

Let’s put aside all the discussion of re-branding Microsoft to make them more hip and talk about the developer platform.  I may be stating the obvious here on what many have already witnessed at Microsoft over the past few years, but there appears to be a paradigm shift in the way the company is operating from a development standpoint.


Back to blogging.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and I hope to change that. My son is over a year old, and I have a truckload of pictures I could post here, but I’ll save that for later. Also, I plan to post many more entries on programming. I hope this will add additional content to the site as well as attract a more developer focused community.


New Blog!

Hello internet.   This is my first post in a series of many that I plan to make going forward.   I will be posting on the topics of technology, cooking, music, fatherhood and other topics as well.    Please subscribe if you enjoy the blog.