Future of Technology

The number of technologies in development, that are real and not science fiction, is astounding. These are technological advances are that are just over the horizon and are simply a matter of time to come to market at a reasonable cost for all of us.

Do you remember what life was like before GPS, cell phones, personal computers, the internet? Sure, life was good, and we all got by just fine, but these advances all make life so much more enjoyable and interactive for all of us lucky enough to inhabit it.

I believe will permeate all our lives within the next 10 years, and these are just a few of many:

– Wearable devices (watches, glasses)
– Bitcoin
– Virtual Reality (Oculus VR)
– Self driving cars
– Gene therapy
– 3d Printing
– Stem cell technology (new organs, disease treatment)
– Mind controlled prosthetics
– Electric cars
– Artificial intelligence / Learning systems

It’s a great time to be alive as a technology enthusiast. The future is bright, and I’m glad to be a part of it.


Kyle Ballard