Have two or more Google/Gmail accounts? Switch between them easily.

Do you have multiple people in your household who each have their own Google account?   If you share the same computer and/or laptop, it can be frustrating to have to keep switching between the two accounts.  Also, you may find this trick useful if you manage an account for personal use and another for business use.

Google offers a feature called “Multiple sign-on”.   If you direct your browser to http://www.google.com/accounts and select the “Multiple Sign-on” feature you will be presented with a screen like this:

After enabling your account(s) to use multiple sign-on, you’ll notice that when you select your user information on the black “google bar” that appears on most Google sites, you’ll be presented with the option to switch you accounts.

Once your account has been switched, your email and other Google services will be based on whatever account you have active at that time.


Kyle Ballard

Kyle is a software developer with 15+ years of experience and holds Microsoft and Salesforce developer certifications. He is also a spouse, father, aspiring home chef, and technology enthusiast.